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Childrens Dentistry

Childrens Dentistry

43,000 kids had general anaesthetic to get their teeth taken out in 2016, 2017 and this rate is increasing. No kid in this day and age should be under general anaesthetic to have their teeth taken out, because it is an entirely preventable disease. And what’s the cause of this? Diet, sugar, more than brushing their teeth, it’s sugar in the diet.

We’ve been organising an oral health team on Cavendish Dental practice to go to the local schools in the area here. We’re going to go to see Pear Tree School, we’ve got some other schools lined up in order to educate the kids, educate the parents on preventing rotten teeth in children.

The long-term consequences of kids having their teeth pulled under general anaesthetic is that they become nervous of the dentist, they’re more likely to be dental phobic

If your kids are haven’t got a dentist, they’re looking for a dentist, we’re taking on any age kids. So, come and give us a bell at Cavendish Dental Practice give us an email, we’ll try to book you in. We’re trying to help children because no kid should be having their teeth taken out because of rotten teeth.

Stop the Rot!

Trishan Malhi, Dentist at Cavendish Dental Practice in Derby

Extraction of teeth when a child results in dental phobia !!!!

The rise in child dental extractions under general anaesthetic has reached nearly 43,000 in 2016-17 and is up from previous years.

These children will probably be affected by the psychological trauma during the treatment under GA which in turn leads to a lifetime of fretfulness and anxiety about dental treatment. Having general anaesthetic and having your teeth ripped out has major consequences. The main ones before the procedure are pain, distress for child and parent, fear of the unknown, loss of control.

After the procedure there is blood loss, pain after the procedure, distress. This experience results in fear of the dentist later in life, and in some circumstances dental phobia. The principle cause of rotten teeth in young kids is sugar, which is found in fizzy drinks, sweets, chocolates, and processed foods, but most parents know this.

Sugar is addictive and the scenario when I ask parents about why they give their kids sweets or chocolates is the situation of the child playing up, and the best way for them to get the child to stop whinging or crying is to give them sugar in some form. As well as rotten teeth, too much sugar increases the risk of diabetes, and the type II form of diabetes which is related to diet and lifestyle is increasing in kids.

The lack of exercise and increased sugar intake are causing 1 in 3 kids to be overweight or obese in the UK. Sugar is the principle cause for all of these diseases. If sugar was a bacteria we would have found an antibiotic to kill it.

The case against sugar is multifactorial, from a dental point of view it starts with oral health education. At Cavendish Dental Practice we recently contacted the local schools to organize our oral health promotion team to visit the schools and also to talk to the parents of very young children at a coffee morning.

We just recently arranged a Saturday kids registration day on March 3rd so that we could directly examine kids mouths and treat early the rotten teeth, before it is to late. In this day and age no child should be having extraction of rotten teeth.

Download the article as a pdf here

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Great orthodontist. It's amazing and incredible how my teeths looks now. Would defenelately reccomend! Nice staff very friendly place. Will miss People working there.
Kasia Szwec
Kasia S.
My first appointment today since lockdown,so all the new Covid 19 safety measures were in place.I am a very nervous person when it comes to attending the dentist,but felt very at ease.All the staff made me feel incredibly comfortable.Dr Saduera and her assistant Aleeta made me feel relaxed and comfortable.I would recommend Cavendish Dental Practice to everybody,and urge people not to worry about going to their dentists during these unprecedented more
Lis Ferguson
Lis F.
A very caring and pleasant team. I was given a courteous welcome, given a private space to wait in and then seen quickly and effectively by both the Dentist and Hygienist. The atmosphere was calm and relaxed, yet with an air of caution and patient protection in these strange times. I have no hesitation in commending and recommending this more
David Owen
David O.
Shirley Matthews On my visit to Cavendish Dental Practiceit exceeded all my expectations with regards to corvid 19 precautions ,and all my treatment .
david matthews
david M.
My treatment lasted around 3 years. The before and after photos are amazing. I am so confident with my smile now and it’s thanks to my dentist. It was completely pain free and the staff were so patient and kind. The respect that people have for the practice is admirable. Thank you for my new confidence and even better smileread more
Chloe Lymer
Chloe L.
When I first came to this practice I could not come alone. I have huge anxiety and panic attacks. The work that my dentist has done with me is unbelievable. To the extent that I can now come alone and have a tooth removed all during Covid. Thank you Dr Saduera and team x
Debra Robinson
Debra R.
The staff were very professional and supportive. My daughter went in this morning to have her braces fitted in ... I was very pleased with the prompt service and my daughter was absolutely thrilled with her braces!Thank you Cavendish.
Sardip Purewal
Sardip P.
What a fabulous service and experience at this dental practice. The professionalism, friendliness and upbeat nature of the staff is commendable. You always get a great customer experience from the reception staff to the dental nurses and dentists. Thank you Cavendish Dental.
Dylan Evans-Thomas
Dylan E.
I have recently had treatment at Cavendish Dental Practice and the service provided is excellent, the staff are extremely efficient, professional, kind and caring. I was really nervous for the procedure but Dr Harps Saduera put me at ease, she was extremely thorough and went through my medical history before treating me. She explained everything to me and calmed my nerves. I can honestly say that Harps is one of the nicest people I’ve met, I would highly recommend this more
Caroline Ward
Caroline W.
Cavendish dental practice is superb, I have just had a tooth extracted after having problems through lock down. The service they provide is fantastic, the way they work now due to regulations is amazing it is still such a calm and caring environment. I am a extremely nervous patient and Dr sadeerah and her dental nurse always put me at ease as soon as I walk through the door. Pain free every time. Wonderful staff so more
Laura Gulnawaz
Laura G.
From start to finish for my braces treatment, Dr Mahli and the team at Cavendish Dental Practice have been amazing. The whole process was fully explained to me, Dr Mahli and David talked me through each stage I went through, and thw treatment did not finish until Dr Mahli was completely satisfied with the results. I am over the moon with the results and never thought this could be achieved. I would 100% recommend Dr Mahli for orthodontic treatment. Thank you so much to everyone at Cavendish Dental more
Lynne Corpe
Lynne C.
Cavendish Dental Practice is in a word..Superb...i have been using them for many many years..i have never had a problem and all the staff are so friendly and helpfull..i would give more than 5 stars if i could..i cannot praise them enough..i've used 3 other dentists over my lifetime.but none come anywhere close the Dentist i have and all the Staff at Cavendish..thank-you all for the fantastic service i have more
Michael Jones
Michael J.
My mother is elderly and disabled, and has been a patient at the surgery for several years. I can't recommend this practice highly enough. She had an appointment this week and all the staff demonstrate best practice fulfilling hygiene and safety standards re covid 19. Felt very safe. Very happy with dentistry skills and attention to her comfort during the more
Jag K
Jag K
My mother is elderly and disabled, and has been a patient at the surgery for several years and I can't recommend it highly enough. She had an appointment this week and all the staff demonstrate best practice fulfilling hygiene and safety standards re covid 19. Felt very safe. Very happy with dentistry skills and attention to her comfort during the more
Jag K
Jag K
Outstanding. Very efficient and the staff were very caring. I had to have a tooth removed and their hospitality was excellent, they made sure I knew what was happening and that i was comfortable (at least as much as possible when having a tooth removed) I would definitely recommend.
Ashley Cholerton
Ashley C.
Went yesterday for emergency treatment to have 2 extractions. Everyone was really nice and the procedure for the prevention against covid 19 was done professionally. As a nervous patient to start with at this surgery previously, i can honestly say that now i am happy to go to the dentist. The staff are all pleasant and the treatment you have is painfree . I would recommend Cavendish Dental Practise to anyone who is of an anxious or nervous disposition. Thankyou to the staff there for the top care they more
sue dale
sue D.
Cavendish Dental Practice was polite well mannered and did their job right I am very pleased with what they've done and their service thank you very much
Kevin Brown
Kevin B.
Mr Malhi is a excellent densit I completely trust him, he always makes me feel so comfortable and is very thorough with everything. I have been his patient for over 20years and wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. Highly recommend Mr Malhi.Ena
Nancy P
Nancy P
Mahisa and Katerina have been treating my mum for the last few month's and she's been so happy with the service. She hasnt dreaded a single appointment and felt at ease the whole time. Mahisa has been so clear with the dental plans that it's made it so easy for my mum to attend the surgery alone, even if there is a language barrier. There has been no surprises just exceptional service. Thank you ladies !read more
Kiran Ark
Kiran A.
I'm with Dr sadheura and have been one of her patients for many years. I'm very nervous at the dentist but Dr sadheura alway helps calms my nerves. She's excellent and so professional I wouldn't go anywhere else.
Michelle Smith
Michelle S.
The service is great all the staff are friendly polite and greet you with a lovely smile. Treatment is good they explain everything they are doing great work keep it up thanks.
Kuljinder Kaur
Kuljinder K.
I have been coming to this dental practice for over 25 years. Staff are always courteous and polite and handle any situation with care and professionalism at all times.I frequent this practice 4 times annually to visit the hygienist and of course more if I need the actual dentist herself.I wouldn't go anywhere else to be more
Neal Giuliano
Neal G.
Simply AMAZINGDon’t waste your time elsewhere. I moved from a big private dentist in Mickleover after being recommended by friends. Had my first appointment today. Wow. Wow 😮 wow 😲. Very polite. Really knowledgable caring and understanding. This dentist was amazing. She set me up with a prescription for the hygienist. Said will send you a repeat appointment in 3 months. Makes me wonder why I didn’t join earlier. Thanks more
Nick Shabir
Nick S.
I arrived at 11:30 and was greeted by Kirsty who was very friendly and gave me a warm welcome, then I was only seated for 5 minutes when I was called in to see my dentist again they' were very friendly and welcoming I sat down and with the staff I felt at ease the dentist continued to talk to me to let me know what was happening and in no time things were over I had my new crown. Brilliant .read more
The team at cavendish are fantastic and extremely professional. A special thank you to Trishan Malhi and David Paterson who worked in harmony with one another. The place was clean and tidy and extremely organised. I couldn’t recommend this place high enough. Keep up the great work and see you on my next visit. Thank you to you more
Aimee Oakley
Aimee O.
I called and was given an appointment that same day and treated as though I was a regular visitor here, made to feel very welcome - reception staff are lovely and showed me to a waiting room for where I’d wait for the consultation of my veneers. No pressure to make any decisions on what work I’d want on my teeth, given an abundance of information and told to have a good think. Very clear, friendly and informative. Thank you more
Hel M
Hel M
I have not been to the dentist in about 3 years and before that 7 years! I plucked up the courage to attend as I had toothache. Turns out I needed fillings and a clean. I was terrified. However, I saw Dr Shetye & Gemma who were very calming, reassuring, Dr Shetye explained every single step of the way. She also stopped a few times with mini breaks, which helped. She was giving me techniques such as breathing through my nose etc. The injection was pretty painless, which I was shocked about. She was very calming and understanding. Whilst I still dislike the process of the dentist, I can't believe how well it went and painless it was. Dr Shetye & Gemma made my experience so much better and I am extremely thankful. Thank more
Dr Aisha Hussain has been brilliant. I had a few problems over the year with my tooth. She was professional and ensured I was not uncomfortable in any way. Due to me being pregnant she regularly checked my tooth as I had cavity developing. Dr Aisha monitored and prescribed me toothpaste which would maintain throughout my pregnancy. I would definitely recommend this practice because of Dr A Hussain. I booked Dr Aisha to check my sons teeth when he turned one. Very kind, caring and compassionate who will go above and beyond for her more
Anisha Idrees
Anisha I.
have such a phobia with teeth and had a bad experience at another dental surgery, came to cavendish and saw Dr Aisha,she is so lovely. didn't judge me,she listened and explained everything too me. She was just amazing!! thank you Aisha xx
Kayla Warner
Kayla W.
Absolutely fantastic service .. Kirsty on reception is so helpful and friendly also I want to say a big thank you to vidhi Patel for everything you have done for me .. can’t thank you enough . I can actually smile with confidence now ... not only that all that you have done for my son to get his tooth out .. it means such a lot . Good luck for the future vidhi Patel we are gonna miss you xxxread more
Sally Blount
Sally B.
Came here today was myFirst time was skeptical before I arrived but the staff and dentist were so lovely! Didn't judge made its an easy comfortable experience xx 5* all the way
King Louise
King L.
Saw dr Aisha,she’s amazing straight away she puts me at ease and made me feel relaxed .she always explains what she’s going to do before and and giving reasons why. Would highly recommend her .Also would like to receptionist staff are always friendly and welcoming.
Claire Weller
Claire W.
Dr Poonam Chitkara and Dental Nurse Odete deserve the sticker for patience today. As you can see they definitely got to see her teeth her mouth was open that wide whilst scream. Lylah gets off the chair stops crying, says bye and proclaims to “see you soon” and walks out. I bet they can’t wait 🤣Walking out of reception she sticks her fingers in my mouth says A, B, C, D 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. Clapping herself!!! How she heard over the screaming what they were saying I will never know but she was definitely listening!Can’t wait to stick this picture in her scrapbookread more
Clare Baker
Clare B.
Dr Shetye and Haseeba treated me today for an ongoing root canal. I have had 2 root canals prior to this at other dental practices and have been somewhat traumatised by the previous treatments. However, having now had 3 sessions of this root canal treatment, I can honestly say that it's the most comfortable I have been in a dentist chair. Both Dr Shetye and Haseeba were relaxed throughout the session, checking I was ok and explaining things, which put me at ease. i have also experienced very limited pain throughout the process which is a new experience for me. This kind of experience is slowly lifting the anxiety I have about visiting the more
Lynne Corpe
Lynne C.
After of a number of absent years I nervously attended my first appointment 08.02.19 where I was greeted by a really friendly and welcoming receptionist called Demmi. I was then examined by the dentist Shweta Shetye and her assistant nurse Haseeba who teally put me at ease. They even remembered me from when I took my husband last October! Shweta was really thorough as I explained what my symptoms were where she gave excellent advice as to the course of action to be taken and ensured I understood the process and timescale. I can honestly say it was one of the nicest dental experiences. Would Irecommended Cavendish Dental Practice? In a heartbeat!!! Thanks soooooo much for putting me at ease and for a team caring approach!!!read more
Catherine Allen
Catherine A.
Attended my first appointment October 2018 after many many years of avoidance but couldn't avoid it any longer due to severe toothache which required urgent treatment. I couldn't fault the team from the greeting of the receptionist to the sensitive approach and excellent treatment from the dentist Sheeta Shetye and her assistant nurse Haseeba who between the two of them, along with Dr Marley who assisted towards the end of my treatment, I successfully underwent a major extraction. They were so accommodating where they even let my wife play gospel music in the background as she made them aware of our Christian faith and our trust in God to get me thru this and how as choir members of our local church, we find faith-filled Christian music helps to relax and bring peace. So, thanks to everyone at Cavendish Dental Practice for all you did for me!! My wife is now planning to register here too!!read more
Gavin Allen
Gavin A.
Fantastic team. I was scared visit dentist for ages. Big thanks to my dentist Shweta and nurse Demmi for very friendly atmosphere. Since my first treatment with them I do not afraid anymore and come to dentist without stress. In Cavendish Dental patients can feel, they are really looked after 😃read more
Angelika Brylka
Angelika B.
after fearing the dentist from a very young age, and refusing to attend appointments i found these wonderful people ! i can hand on heart say i genuinly look forwars to my visits to the dentist now,
Tom Allsopp
Tom A.
Got registered and an appointment the same day after being told by my own dentist I would have to wait 6 weeks for an appointment, From start to finish I received an amazing customer experience, Kirsty the receptionist was very efficient in dealing with me on the phone and upon arrival. I have since had a follow up appointment within 7 days. The whole process from start to finish has been easy, the dental nurse's have been attentive and caring. I 100% recommend Cavendish dental for the fantastic customer service and efficient way the procedure was carried out. Thanks for removing my fear of dentists. more
Jake Lodge
Jake L.
when I first came here for my first appointment I was terrified!! I had delayed having any treatment because of how scared I was.. then I met Dr malhi,dave and all the other staff at this practice. they made me feel very comfortable and talked me through everything in detail step by step! today I had an appointment with no sudation and no injections and I didn't feel nervous at all! I already feel more confident smiling and it is all thanks to this practice!read more
Shannon Cawley - allen
Shannon Cawley - A.
My whole life, I have had a HUGE phobia of going to see dentists. I avoided and postponed treatments. Even checkups were enough to make me weak at the knees.That all changed when I joined Cavendish Dental Practise, who have lived up to their slogan “home of calm and caring dentistry”.For the first time in my life, all my dental work is complete and I am no longer afraid to sit in the chair. This is all thanks to the amazing staff, who go above and beyond to make me and my family feel welcome and supported.I’ve even managed to convince my Dad to join, who hadn’t been to the dentist for over 20 years, due to a similar phobia. He has also just completed his full treatment.Special thanks to Kirsty on reception for being so kind, supportive and caring, and to my dentist Aisha, who is the most wonderful, calming and friendly dentist I have ever met.Thank you to everyone there!read more
Lucy Jane Hanha Pegg
Lucy Jane Hanha P.
I was very nervous going until i met Doctor Aisha, who swept my worries away by the time i was in the chair. She was very confident which helped so much. Been going their last 2 months to make up for 20+ years of sweets cakes and Kellog's Frosties "cornflakes with added sugar".Never waited more than 15 minutes for my appointment with a full surgery. Seriously if you trying to figure out which Dentist to go to, it's simple. Looking forward to seeing Doctor Aisha more
Peter Stanley
Peter S.
Everyone is very friendly and welcoming I stoped going to the dentist because I was terrified and no dentist made me comfortable but decides to join Cavendish dental practice as my teeth got really bad and my new dentist �Aisha hussain � is truly incredible she talks me through everything and makes me feel comfortable and the first time in years I'm achully ready to get my teeth sorted thank you so muchread more
Kirsty Doyle
Kirsty D.
Dr Malhi removed my upper wisdom teeth today, I was very anxious prior to my visit but Dr Malhi and David made me feel relaxed and talked me through the procedure! I would highly recommend!
Natasha Salt
Natasha S.
Dr Malhi, is the BEST! After my sister so highly recommended him to me & her teeth looked amazing, I decided to get my teeth straightened here too, and I'm so glad I did. Dr Malhi is excellent at his job and also very kind and friendly too. He made me feel very relaxed and calm through out to whole process. If you are thinking of getting a brace I can highly recommend Cavendish Dental Practice. All of the staff are very friendly and kind too. Thank you so so much!read more
Anna Burns
Anna B.
Very friendly and welcoming Dental practice.From the moment I sat down for a consultation, to the day I had my braces removed, all the staff supported me throughout the journey. For those who are in 2 two minds about getting braces, I urge you to just pop in for a chat and see what they can do for you. You will definitely not regret it. I certainly don't. Love my new smile �Can not recommend these lovely people more
Kev Laz
Kev L.
I find all the staff at the Cavendish dental practice very friendly and caring. Everyone is so understanding and approachable. Have been attending this dental surgery for a long time now and I am sure I'll be attending for a lot of years to come.
Kirpal Dusanjh
Kirpal D.
Great dental practice with good service and brilliant staff. I would recommend to everyone. Especially they are great with children. Again thank you Dr. Sadhuera for putting my children at easy today. See you soon.
Branka Miskin
Branka M.
I would recommend Cavendish Dental Practice to everyone,and Dr Shweta Khanolkar is an excellent dentist, she took the time to explain every procedure she was doing and she is a professional and has a naturally lovely personality.And all the staff from reception to manager are really good and it's the best dentist I have ever had thank you more
Dee Doreen Khan
Dee Doreen K.
Dr Malhi is the greatest dentist in the world, not just because he's good at his job but because he's a nice person too. It's taken 30 years to get my mum over her dentist phobia and he's done it in 4 appointments. All of the staff here are wonderful, nothing is ever rushed and there's always time for you. I would absolutely recommend anyone with a phobia of dentists go here. I had braces here I was told at a previous orthodontists that it would take 7 years. 1 year and 2 months later my braces are off and everyone's getting sick of my toothy selfies!! Anyone looking to get braces or any dental cosmetics for that matter, DO IT!! Thank you Cavendish!! You're all amazing!!read more
Bethany Taylor
Bethany T.
Brilliant customer service, professionalism and courtesy from a well trained dentist and dental nurse. I didn't have to wait at all and was given the VIP treatment, thanks very much and see you in 6 months �
Pete Sharp
Pete S.
I've recently had a procedure at cavendish dental practice. Being slightly nervous I was very impressed with the 1st class treatment I received from all staff. I'd like to say a big thank you to dentists dr Munir, dr Malhi and Dave for their professionalism support and making me feel at ease. A big thank you also to all reception staff namely Kirsty, always manage to get an appointment in a timely manner, thanks very much everyone! A great team effort!! �read more
Steven Lloyd Steadman
Steven Lloyd S.
So happy with my root canal I wanted it out cause heard so much negative things about them but the dentist and his assistant assured me it was the best thing to do to save my tooth so glad I had it done now thank you
Luke Bridges
Luke B.
I'm returning to professional acting (after a break to build my own business) and have a few auditions approaching. My teeth had deteriorated and it was a massive issue for me (not least because I needed new photographs etc). After attending several appointments to stabilise the poor condition of my teeth and to prevent future damage, I asked Dr Malhi if he could help to improve the appearance of a front tooth with an obvious hole and damage due to smoking. He was very sympathetic and booked an appointment for me in time for the photo session. I was absolutely delighted with the result, but more importantly, it immediately boosted my confidence. So now I only have to worry about my acting ability and not my teeth! All members of staff have been very friendly, caring and polite. Thank you so more
Brendan Christopher
Brendan C.
The dental nurse was very helpful and provided a mask for my eyes to prevent the strong light blinding me. He had no dark glasses though. The dentist was very helpful and talked me through the treatment and said let me know if you are ok by raising your left hand. The treatment was over 3 appointments which was very good as there was a lot to do. In short, excellent more
Brian Johnston
Brian J.
I had not visited a dentist in 3 years but started having a few problems so thought it was time to find a new surgery. I found the staff at Cavendish very helpful and supportive. The dentist and assistant on the day were very thorough and took their time to give full consideration to what I needed and future visits. I have no qualms in going back again for more
Joe Alleyne
Joe A.
I had brilliant experience at Cavendish dental practice today, after a terrible experience at another dentist I have an extreme phobia but the therapist nicola really put me at ease! She was fantastic, explained everything, allowed the treatment to go at my place and generally made me feel calm and less frightened. Clean friendly environment with lovely staff I'm almost not worried about returning in three weeks 🙂 well done Cavendish dental!read more
Kelly Dakin
Kelly D.

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