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toffeeman23 s1 August 16, 2022

My experience here was the best they have made me so much prouder of my smile, definitely would recommend everyone to go here.

Gulsanga Khan May 5, 2022

Great service as always by Poonam Chitkara, thank you

R K April 18, 2023

“Shazia Can’t Believe Her New Straight Smile”

“Seeing Your Smile After Your Braces Have Been Removed”

“I Was Scared To Death Of Dentists Until I Met Kenny”

Quick & Easy, Pain Free Veneers

Dental Implants Have Changed Alan’s Life

It’s Taken 30 Years To Get My Mum Over Her Dentist Phobia

Dr Malhi is the greatest dentist in the world, not just because he’s good at his job but because he’s a nice person too. It’s taken 30 years to get my mum over her dentist phobia and he’s done it in 4 appointments.

All of the staff here are wonderful, nothing is ever rushed and there’s always time for you. I would absolutely recommend anyone with a phobia of dentists go here. I had braces here I was told at a previous orthodontists that it would take 7 years. 1 year and 2 months later my braces are off and everyone’s getting sick of my toothy selfies!!

Anyone looking to get braces or any dental cosmetics for that matter, DO IT!! Thank you Cavendish!! You’re all amazing!!

Bethany Taylor

I Would Recommend This Dentist To Other

Final part of my treatment today was a wisdom tooth filling. The dentist was very professional and did their work explaining all through. As usual not much in the way of pain and the whole thing was complete in about 20 minutes. Highly recommended. 

I previously wrote a review about this dentistry , headlining that they were uninformative and unclean. Since writing that review I have constantly seen cleaners in the practice, and have spoken to my dentist about the mixed communication with my filling. Yes my filling was uncomfortable but after a long discussion this was inevitable.

I really do appreciate that i was given enough time to have this explained to me and this reassuring me enabling me to understand that after all I received the best possible care. In this practice feedback is welcome, taken on board and acted upon. Dentists genuinely have your best interest at heart and the practice manager goes above and beyond to meet customer satisfaction.

I would recommend this dentist to others.

Wisdom Tooth Filling Patient

Nicola Really Put Me At Ease

I had brilliant experience at Cavendish dental practice today, after a terrible experience at another dentist I have an extreme phobia but the therapist Nicola really put me at ease!

She was fantastic, explained everything, allowed the treatment to go at my pace and generally made me feel calm and less frightened.

Clean friendly environment with lovely staff. I’m almost not worried about returning in three weeks, well done Cavendish dental!

Kelly Grogan

Always So Gentle And Caring

I recently had two crowns which had to be prepared for in my upper jaw. Mr Malhi and David are always so gentle and caring.

During the long two hours of treatment and lying very still, I felt so relaxed and calm I’m afraid I fell asleep for a few moments on three or four occasions!, much to their amusement!

In all my 60 odd years this is, without doubt, the best dentist practice I’ve ever visited and I feel so lucky. Reception, nurses, therapist, everyone is so cheerful, friendly, well organised and positive. Keep up the excellent work everyone and thank you!

Mr Philip Harrison

The Result Immediately Boosted My Confidence

I’m returning to professional acting (after a break to build my own business) and have a few auditions approaching. My teeth had deteriorated and it was a massive issue for me (not least because I needed new photographs etc).

After attending several appointments to stabilise the poor condition of my teeth and to prevent future damage, I asked Dr Malhi if he could help to improve the appearance of a front tooth with an obvious hole and damage due to smoking.

He was very sympathetic and booked an appointment for me in time for the photo session. I was absolutely delighted with the result, but more importantly, it immediately boosted my confidence.

So now I only have to worry about my acting ability and not my teeth! All members of staff have been very friendly, caring and polite. Thank you so much.

Brendan Christopher

Sedation Was The Best Course Of Action

I recently had I.V Sedation for an extraction as I am a really nervous patient when it comes to getting any dental procedure, even getting in the dentist’s chair is a task in itself.

I have to say Dr Malhi and Clare were both fantastic with me, they both have the patience of a saint. I.V Sedation was definitely the best course of action for myself.

I don’t remember a thing about the procedure. I would highly recommend I.V Sedation. I wouldn’t hesitate to have it again.

Miss J Woolley

I Can Actually Smile Now With Confidence

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the dental work you carried out for me. I was never happy with my smile and had considered various options over the years.

You advised me to have the Invisalign treatment and fully explained how it would work and the possible results.

I was a little apprehensive in the beginning but agreed to have the treatment. On occasions when I was worried or concerned about anything I came to see you and you put my mind at rest. I must say I was so impressed with the way my teeth had re-aligned. I am really pleased with the outcome.

I can actually smile now with confidence, especially after having the whitening kit too. Many people have commented on my teeth and how good they look which is all down to the treatment I had.

Excellent value for money and worth every penny. I would recommend Dr Malhi every time.

Mr K Rowbottom

You Have Changed My View About Going To The Dentist

I have recently joined with the Cavendish Dental and to my surprise I think it’s the best decision I have made in a long time. Just to give you a bit of a background information about my history with dental practices it used to be very painful and unprofessional for me 95% of my visits.

I used to hate going to the dentist and am sure I’m not on my own with that experience. My wife recommended the dentist she uses at Cavendish and so I thought I would give it one last try not expecting great expectations due to previous experiences.

I can honestly say that the Cavendish dentist has won me round and has changed my way of thinking when ever I have a pain in my tooth I will pick up that phone and make an appointment not like before we’re I used to have painkillers instead of going to the dentist. I would like to start off by saying that my experience with Cavendish is a great one due to the fact that the staff are very approachable and knowledgeable.

When you go to your appointment you are met with a smile and made to feel welcome. When you go into the rooms your dentist treats you like a human being with dignity and respect which is very important for the patient because it puts them at ease and gives them confidence. Everything is explained fully to the patient and the final outcome is based on patient and dentist decision which is a good bond to have.

The dental clinic is very clean and hazard free with signs everywhere to where you have to go. I was expecting a lot of pain as I was having a crown on my front tooth and as to my astonishment the pain threshold was a bare minimum which shows good professionalism from the dentist and I was not told any lies.

The dentist had very good all round knowledge as to what they were saying and doing all of the time while I was under their care. I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you and keep up the good work. My confidence levels have definitely improved and I trust this dentist and their decision making in reference to my well being.

I was greeted with a smile and left with a smile. In general the staff are all very friendly and professional and the relationship between patient and staff is excellent. I could go on and on with praises for Cavendish dental practice but would like for you to try it out for yourselves and see for yourselves. Once again keep up the excellent all round service and you have changed my view about going to the dentist again thank you.

I will 100% be recommending this practise to my friends and family and work colleagues so they can share the same experience I have had.


Really Appreciate All The Help

To Dr Malhi and all the Team at Cavendish Dental Practice, I would like to thank you all for everything you have done for me.

I really appreciate all the help and extra time that has been spent sorting out my teeth and other problems. Many thanks.

Annika Morris

Felt Very Supported

Truly professional and very caring in the way they handled my treatment. I am always nervous when going to the dentist but everything was explained in a calm a reasonable manner. I was always asked if I was okay during treatment and I felt very supported. The doctors are a credit to their profession. Thoroughly recommend them!!


Kind, Friendly And Reassuring

Megan and her assistant were amazing with my 6 year old today whilst having a tooth out. Kind, friendly and reassuring. Reception are lovely and welcoming too and so are other staff.

Lissa Jones

Dr Malhi And His Wife Are Brilliant

5 stars for someone who used to have panic attacks when going to the dentist. On Friday I walked in alone to an emergency appt. I was seen by Dr Malhi and his assistant.

They were so good and patient with me. Had a big tooth removed all by myself. Both Dr Malhi and his wife are brilliant. You be patient with them and they will be patient with you. Thank you.

Deb Robinson

Always Given The Best Treatment

EXCEPTIONAL service. Mr Malhi is very thorough and has always given the best treatment. The team of hygienist are wonderfu

Harender Saroha

Very Happy With The Results

Mr Malhi is a good dentist. I had my orthodontic treatment from him also, I’m very happy with the results. The staff at the practice are also excellent and deal with any issues that arise.

Faisal Muhammed

I Feel I Can Talk Much More Confidently To People And Smile So Much More

All of the staff at Cavendish were very understanding and supportive throughout my treatment. As a result of Dr Malhi’s work I am a lot more confident and happier.

Finally having this treatment has relinquished all my childhood emotional distress. Throughout my life I had spent so long staying away from all the social gatherings and meeting new people just because of my smile. 

This treatment has changed everything for me.  I feel I can talk much more confidently to people and smile so much more. 

Gradually I feel myself returning. I’m so glad i had this treatment at Cavendish Dental Practice.


A well organised Dental practise overall and Zee my dentist and Dave helping; are a skilled team with nothing being too much trouble to make you feel at ease. Thanks for the improvement in my dental health.

Colin Edwards March 21, 2022

Friendly, professional practice who put clients at ease with appropriate explanations and discussions.

Carl Edwards February 11, 2022

A lovely and caring team and feeling, that you are in good hands. Pain free treatment. Highly recommended

Irina Ablamonova November 29, 2022

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“No More Gaps After Straight Teeth Braces”

“My New Smile Is Better Than I Thought”

“That Looks Great, Its Amazing”

“Getting Your Smile Ready For A Wedding”

“Witness This Amazing Reaction To Her New Smile”

“A lovely smile for my wedding”

I feel confident about my smile

“I couldn't ask for a better result”

“The best thing I've done by far”

“Dr Malhi is a great dentist”

“I could hardly see my braces”

“Really impressed with the results”

“No pain whatsoever”

“I was always seen on time”

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Great service as always by Poonam Chitkara, thank you

R K April 18, 2023

I suffer with chronic anxiety and panic attacks and even with medication I struggle to go out! My visit to Cavendish dentist was difficult but the support and understanding was fabulous. When I started to have a panic attack the receptionist took me to a quiet area giving me her time and care to calm me down. My dentist was also supportive, understanding and so very kind! This level of care is exceptional and I am very lucky to be a patient there.

Debbie Topliss April 6, 2023

I am a patient of Cavendish Dental Practice for quite a few years now. All the staff members of the practice are very welcoming, kind and helpful. A couple of years ago I became a patient of Dr Clarkson and I never looked back. Knowledgeable, gentle, patient. Will always explain everything in detail and take time to put her patient in ease. Thank you for making my visits less stressful!

Joanna Zurawska April 6, 2023

Just left us a 5 star review

April 18, 2023

Great service as always by Poonam Chitkara, thank you

Debbie Topliss
April 6, 2023

I suffer with chronic anxiety and panic attacks and even with medication I struggle to go out! My visit to Cavendish dentist was difficult but the support and understanding was fabulous. When I started to have a panic attack the receptionist took me to a quiet area giving me her time and care to calm me down. My dentist was also supportive, understanding and so very kind! This level of care is exceptional and I am very lucky to be a patient there.

Joanna Zurawska
April 6, 2023

I am a patient of Cavendish Dental Practice for quite a few years now. All the staff members of the practice are very welcoming, kind and helpful. A couple of years ago I became a patient of Dr Clarkson and I never looked back. Knowledgeable, gentle, patient. Will always explain everything in detail and take time to put her patient in ease. Thank you for making my visits less stressful!

Sadia Iqbal
March 29, 2023
Sarah Lee
March 27, 2023

From the receptionists to the head dentist, they are all exceptionally professional and nice with it. I have been with the practice a number of years, I took my daughter there and now my granddaughter goes there. I have never had an emergency with my teeth, presumably because of the work and attention they get at my appointments mostly with my dental hygienists Nichola, the nearest I have come is pain due to gum disease and I was given a timely appointment to suite the problem. Overall, I travel to the Cavendish to be seen by this wonderful team and they are worth the time and money.

Hollie Thompson
March 24, 2023

I suffer with quite bad anxiety with the dentist and didn't go for around 10 years. I plucked up the courage to go for a check up after reading reviews online about this dentist. I was greeted with the lovely Nicola and she keeps me attending my appointments, she's everything a dentist needs to be and more! If more dentists had the same attitude as her, I think fewer people would be scared of the dentist.

iffat Khan
March 22, 2023
nick yardley
March 18, 2023

As always my experience at Cavendish dental is a relaxed and friendly one, I actually don't get anxious like i did at my previous dentist. Dr Saduera, and Nicola over the last few years have eradicated all my teeth problems and I now have no pain and problems. Thankyou for a great professional experience

Dee Kaur
March 17, 2023

Fantastic service. Friendly staff as always. Would definitely recommend this service. 5 stars ⭐️

Alison Tidy
March 14, 2023

Lovely practice, seen quickly and dealt with professionally. Everyone very friendly and helpful. The way they dealt with my nervous daughter was super impressive and made something that could have been a negative experience into a good one. Thank you again.

Alison Winter
March 13, 2023

Great dental practice. Kirsty and girls on reception are always helpful. Steven always smiles and Megan is by far the best dentust I’ve ever had! Talks you through procedure before and during and every treatment has been pain free

Arrow Boyz
March 12, 2023
Juris Losbergs
March 11, 2023

Simply the best))) very good service and very friendly staff.

Preeti Moore
March 11, 2023

Was seen to in minimal wait time and Harpreet Saduera is an amazing Dentist and I feel very looked after on every visit. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Tamara Stasińska
March 10, 2023

Professional, painless and quick. Best 'dental experience' I have ever had so far. I do recommend doctor Lavanya and her assistant to everyone.

Nusheen Jakhara
March 10, 2023

Usually I get nervous at dentists but my dentist Priyanka and her assistants eg Rehana are excellent . They put me at ease and explain what’s happening step by step. They are the best . And the receptionists are great too. X

Samantha Simcox
March 9, 2023

I came in for an emergency appointment, I'm a very nervous person when it comes to a dentist, but the dentist I seen was amazing, made me feel at ease, and was very reassuring. I just wish I could be a permanent patient. Thank you

Aisha Ahmed Khan
March 9, 2023

My brother get his tooth out and when I asked him how was it, did u feel any kind of pain, i was like nah I didn’t feel it. The doctor and the nurse was very kind and polite. I loved my experience👌🏻😌

Haider Ali
March 2, 2023
MHM 123
February 27, 2023
hassan mirza
February 23, 2023
Andy Flaherty
February 22, 2023

Been with Cavendish dental practice for many years, have been looked after by Nicola their hygienist, and Harps Saduera who both put you at ease the minute your sat in the chair. Great staff easy going highly recommended

Adeel Hussain
February 21, 2023

Had a check a month ago, Nabeel carried out the treatment seamlessly without me feeling any pain. He explained everything clearly to me and gave me some great tips on how to maintain my oral hygine

February 21, 2023

Nabeel and Haseeba were excellent they went above and beyond, Nabeel was very clear explaining treatment and options would recommend Cavendish😊

Terry Crummack
February 10, 2023

Made to feel at ease from the moment I walked through the door to leaving all treatment explained fully by the dentist and assistant plus it’s always a pleasure to see Kirsty’s smiling face on reception

Mohsin Ali irfan
February 8, 2023
Karen Gale
February 6, 2023

Efficient and friendly as usual, always pleasant and calming when attending

Veronica Inglis
February 6, 2023

Always had very good care from the practice all the team members are caring and approachable

Vivienne Brown
February 5, 2023
February 4, 2023

The receptionists are amazingly pleasant on the telephone and in person. The dentists are very good with children, my own treatment was painless and quick. The only complaint is I never got a Spider-Man sticker 😊

Mumtaz Ahmed
February 4, 2023
charlotte howard
February 3, 2023

Nabeel and katrina fantastic

Michelle Gibson
February 2, 2023

I had a tooth extraction today and the ladies that did the procedure were great, I'm a very nervous patient and the ladies were always reassuring, so a big thank you to Rehana who held my hand all the way through and the dentist Priyantro and mandy the student xxx

Jekaterina Proscenko
February 2, 2023
the cool dabers
February 1, 2023
Gloria Safi
February 1, 2023

Absolutely love this dentist after having such a bad phobia they so caring and gentle I couldn't go to anywhere else

peter dinnis
January 28, 2023

No pain at all A1 all the way Thanks

samantha walker
January 23, 2023

Absolutely the best dentist ever ,caring, friendly and understanding. All the staff are willing to go that extra mile to make your visit comfortable and virtually pain free .keep up the amazing work and thank you

ady hall
January 22, 2023

Amazing really. I’m terrified of going to the dentist but Megan made me feel at ease. Thank you.

Edyta Kwiatek
January 17, 2023

I have been using the Cavendish dental practice for years now and I can confidently say that Nurse Aneta and Doctor Poonam Chitkara always make sure I’m comfortable during any procedure or check up. As much as I hate needles they always give me a hand to hold and breaks iff anything’s too painful. I never feel worried for my appointments and they always listen and answer to any requests or questions I have, I always leave with a smile on my face knowing the work on my teeth has been done perfectly. Never any issues or complains, Highly recommend. -Victoria :)

kudsia batool
January 17, 2023

Best dental service ever. Dr Sudera is the calmest and kindest dentist and I always feel at ease there.

andrea hutchinson
January 14, 2023

Helpful staff as always.and dentist was supportive.

Adeela Tahir
January 13, 2023

I would highly recommend cavendish dental practice! The staff is so pleasant and so friendly. Homi did such a good job and didn’t feel any pain and nurse Sanah was so pleasant was keep on checking if we was good. The receptionist is so welcoming as soon as you walk into the door ❤️

Dsupremelady Debbie
January 13, 2023

Friendly, supportive and professional team.

Taazim Nabi
January 7, 2023

I've been coming here for many years. Always seen by my own dentist makes you feel relaxed every time. Best dentist. 👌

Jamie Wesley
January 6, 2023

Been going for years - amazing staff and very helpful

Hope KIng
December 26, 2022

I have such a huge phobia of teeth, going to the dentist has always been a struggle, I attended Cavendish and needed a fair bit of work done due to how long I had left going.. however Dr shetwa shetye was amazing alongside Gemma who was working alongside her, both were calm and reassuring. I felt listened too and taken good care of. I am going to try and be less nervous next time. Highly recommend Cavendish dental. Thank you Dr Shetwa and Gemma xxx

Natalie Jackson
December 21, 2022

Best dentist ever , quality service ,the team makes you feel so comfortable in any situation, I always feel welcomed when arriving here , the team work like family.

Arjumand Bano
December 17, 2022
Marcia Samuel
December 17, 2022
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